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At the Museum of Curiosity

TipTop and Josie are at an art museum and looking at a giant question mark installation. TipTop: "It's beautiful, don't you think?"


Uncle Bob’s Hippy Wisdom


Good old Uncle Bob. More of him later.

Don’t miss next time: 3 Steps to Feelin’ Groovy

Thanks, peeps.






TipTop: The Circle of MisTrust


Is it just me or are we all rubbish at keeping secrets?

(Inspired by The Circle of Trust in the film, Meet the Fockers.)

Stay tuned this Thursday: Uncle Bob’s debut…
R x


TipTop Comic: How to get your toddler to wear a coat.

Any of these sound or look familiar? No doubt there are plenty more ideas, but I try all these on my two-year old daughter, Isla, with varying degrees of success. Parents need tons of sneaky strategies in their repertoire!

If you are a parent, which strategy works/worked for you?

If you’re not a parent, can you invent a bonkers way to get the job done?

Next week: Trust, According to TipTop.

(Sorry I’m a day early in publishing this week. Just got excited.)

Have a TipTop rest of the week,


What to expect from “The World According to TipTop.”

Thanks ALL for the enthusiasm when I introduced some key TipTop characters last week, and for spreading the word. I am aiming to publish every Thursday evening, so stay tuned!

Next week: Parenting, According to TipTop (Part 1)


Mr Oh launches new online Comic – introducing…

Hiya peeps. Well here it is, my first comic strip. The World According to TipTop. I’m wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night excited about it. Go on and share my enthusiasm, won’t you?

If you’re already following Mr Oh (did I mention that you’re awesome), you can look forward to your TipTop humour fix each week. Nice.

Please give the launch a boost: I would love you even more if you choose to share this post with any of your mates who might enjoy it. 🙂

If you’ve chanced upon this somehow, then why not sign up at! It’s a free subscription, will reduce your stress levels by around 37.7%*  and may even change your life forever. Honest. It also makes the perfect Christmas present and you won’t even have to wrap it up.

Thanks, everyone. I’m off to draw some more sheep and top hats… x

Next week: What to expect from The World According to TipTop

*Totally made-up unsubstantiated claim although I do know that laughter really is the best medicine.

Do you know where you’re going?



I spent too long drifting when I was younger. Or at least not reflecting on where it was I really wanted to go. I used to think the song, “Driftwood” by Cast, was written all about me.

I guess I don’t want other people to fall into that same all-too-easy groove of being aimless, and not being at the helm. Of being carried along towards someone else’s destination. Of being adrift in the middle of a wild ocean. Of running the risk of being even more scared than facing the inner fears of being ourselves.

Time to get a compass, set sail and be the helmsman within.

What helps you be more focused on your goals?

How do you make a bad day good?

“It’s not a difficult day…just a different day.”
I was lucky enough to learn this phrase from a wise old Tai Chi instructor on a beach. I wish I could remember his name so I could credit him. He was about 85 but had the energy and twinkle of a man 20 years his junior. He’d lived his life calmly, let life’s storms wash over him and dealt with them with grace and without fuss.
This ability to reframe the negative and casually normalise it was all in his mind. I hope to learn to have it in mine one day.
What words help you get past a bad day?

Embarrassment Amnesties

Embarrassing episodes can be mortifying at the time but hilarious in hindsight.

Here are a few embarrassing things that really happened to me. Actually, one of them happened to my wife – bet you can’t guess which one?

1. Having my flies undone when giving an important speech.

2. Walking slap bang into a parking meter whilst checking out a beautiful woman on the opposite side of the road.

3. Turning up late to a really great mate’s wedding and sneaking in to the back of the church, hoping they might not notice.

4. Leaving a metal teaspoon in a food blender when making a pudding in the middle of a dinner party.

5. Getting home at the end of the day, looking in the mirror and seeing that I had had spinach stuck on my teeth all afternoon.

6. Turning up at a party with some weeds fashioned into a bunch of flowers and seeing everyone else’s amazingly generous present.

7. Falling asleep on the top deck of an all-night London bus and being woken up by the driver at the end of his shift 40 miles from where I lived .

8. Experiencing the shock of a colleague walking in on me on the toilet.

I invite you to submit your own…

Consider this a safe depositing place to tell all about your cringe-worthy embarrassing experiences. Feel lighter by unburdening yourself from the inner torment of their memories. For here, friends, you will be pardoned, set free, and embraced by a community of fellow bloggers who champion humour over all…

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