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New site is live -come and see!

Dear friends,

It’s been a while – being a new dad has kept me wonderfully busy.

I’ve finally finished the new site,The World According to TipTop

Lots of challenges and fun in making it, I’d love it if you paid me a visit.

The URL is

My twitter profile is @Tip_Top_World.

I hope you don’t mind if I transfer your subscription across. I am getting support to do this soon.

Stay well and keep being creative!

Rob, aka Mr Oh / TipTop! X



Development Sketches with new Cintiq 13HD

Hello wonderful people,

I am now the incredibly fortunate owner of the new Wacom Cintiq 13HD. Yahoodydoodie!  It was very expensive but easily the best investment I have ever made in my passion of cartooning. It is such a pleasure to use and such an immersive creative experience. It motivates me to get up at 5.30am or draw late at night (the only time I can create with a busy job and a family).

Anyway, I wanted to share some of the experimental sketches I have done with it and with Manga Studio. I have made a bit of progress with the web site and am beginning to understand the customisation process of themes.

One of the ideas  below may be familiar to you (Mantas) – I wanted to trial drawing an old idea with the new gear. The sketch of the old man with the bird is a style I used to work with back in the day: watercolour with pen and ink – now possible again in the digital realm with the new equipment. Anyway, these are just ideas I’m throwing out there.

TipTop tips his hat to you and wishes you an awesome bank holiday weekend!


mantra 8 by 11 300dpi  as pngOld man and bird PNG for web


TipTop and Josie sketch


woods png

TipTop Manga Studio stylee




The new TipTop web site will take a while to get it the way I want it, so I will post some TipToppy  ideas here every now and then:)

I’m enjoying the panels and speech bubbles in the new software. This idea was another experimental affair. We’ll get there!

Have a TipTop evening,

Rob x

Experimenting with Manga Studio 5

blue dude

Hello peeps! Another update.

Development in graphics software I’ve just bought Manga Studio 5, some software for comic creation and have just started mucking around with it, that I am keen to grow my style into. The picture above is a random idea that came to me when trying it out tonight.  I had been using the excellent Sketchbook Pro  and ArtStudio.

Hardware developments: I have been using an iPad for drawing up until now but Manga Studio works with a graphics tablet. I currently have a Wacom Bamboo, which is great, but you don’t draw straight onto the screen, which is what I much prefer, so I’m saving for the new Cintiq 13HD.

Website developments: I have started creating a new website using, under the  title of “The World According to TipTop”. Technically, I am finding it quite challenging but it is good to learn. It won’t be visible until I’m happy with it and until it has been populated with drawings but I wanted to give an update every now and then.

Hope you are well. I am now back at school, teaching on not much sleep, what with all the baby business, but I am a very happy daddy.

Catch you later!

Rob x

Peppa Pig World wasn’t built in a day


iPhonesty: where do you use yours the most?


Ever wondered what happened to the 0.1% ?

Dethos kills 99.9% bacteria. The surviving bacteria (0.1%) celebrates by singing "I'm still standing! Yeah Yeah Yeah!"Now you know.

Inspired by the majestic Perry Bible Fellowship.

And apologies to Elton John – I saw you in Plymouth 2001, Elt’ me ole mucker, and you rocked the joint!

Characters that didn’t quite make it (Number 3)


Characters that didn’t quite make it (Number 2)


How “Pooh” caught on is anyone’s guess. After all, it’s a synonym for excrement.

Still, the name was always going to be first choice over  Winnie the “Piss”. Just doesn’t have an endearing ring to it, does it?

Characters that didn’t quite make it No. 1


At the Museum of Curiosity

TipTop and Josie are at an art museum and looking at a giant question mark installation. TipTop: "It's beautiful, don't you think?"

Blue Monday

TipTop and Josie are on the sofa. "So, we survived Blue Monday then. Josie: "Yeah, bring on Turquoise Tuesday!"

Snow joke

TipTop and Josie are standing outside wrapped up in the snow. TipTop runs through a checklist: "Got hat, coats, gloves? Check. Got wallet, wellies, scarves, lip balm? Check. We're only going down the shops, do we need the emergency foil blanket?"

It’s good to be back, after a week or so away from the blog. Something to do with Tonsillitis and a screaming child in the middle of the night, keeping me awake! Anyway, more TipTop coming soon to a screen near you. x

TipTop’s mantras

TipTop is in bed. He says he is going to try those mantras.  Whilst going to sleep he says: "I will get up for a run...I will get up for a run...I will get up for a run" When his alarm bell goes off at 5am, he looks startled nad repeats a mantra: "My bed is so bed is so bed is so comnfy."

TipTop’s worst fear

TipTop has some sprouting hairs coming from his eyebrows. Josie asks is she can pluck them out. TipTop says no because he "can't face the tweezers"

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