New site update

Hi there, peeps – this is a quick update about the new site, which is still under construction but gaining momentum.

I have installed NextGenGallery and have posted around 20 existing TipTop and other cartoons converted to TipTop, and am enjoying creating some new ones. I am focusing on themes of parenting, well-being, wisdom and quirky (like the new one above) and am creating some greeting-card type designs for all occasions. Also, I am currently trying to integrate a plugin called Comic Easel into the new theme I’m using (Minimum) which will help with navigating and show the latest cartoon. That’s proving tricky technically as it involves messing with code, but the theme support staff are kindly going to help out! Nice.

It’s getting there!

Have a TipTop week,



12 responses

  1. Hey Rob, where’s the new site??? I checked it out once but now can’t find a link anywhere to it.

    1. Tony, long time! Site is now live!

      Phew! Only took me 7 months!

      I am enjoying getting your regular cartoons to my inbox.


      1. I found it a few days ago. I dunno if somethings wrong with your commenting system but I left a comment on both the comics in your blog section & neither showed up after I posted them. Just checked back a moment ago & they still don’t show.

        1. Hi Tony, thanks for doing this and letting me know. I’ll try and figure that out. I have enabled comments so that’s weird.

  2. I’m probably gunna feel a bit sleazy next time I peel a banana

  3. I wonder if they’re gunna burn their skins

  4. Funny, Mr. Oh. The applications are way above. I hope I will still be able to see your “strip” tease jokes.

    1. Gimme some skin! Nice one.

  5. I can envision modern Triple Entente : bananas, zucchini and cucumbers.

    1. !!! Kinky Kiwis? It’s all gone bit fruit loop.

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