Experimenting with Manga Studio 5

blue dude

Hello peeps! Another update.

Development in graphics software I’ve just bought Manga Studio 5, some software for comic creation and have just started mucking around with it, that I am keen to grow my style into. The picture above is a random idea that came to me when trying it out tonight.  I had been using the excellent Sketchbook Pro  and ArtStudio.

Hardware developments: I have been using an iPad for drawing up until now but Manga Studio works with a graphics tablet. I currently have a Wacom Bamboo, which is great, but you don’t draw straight onto the screen, which is what I much prefer, so I’m saving for the new Cintiq 13HD.

Website developments: I have started creating a new website using WordPress.org, under the  title of “The World According to TipTop”. Technically, I am finding it quite challenging but it is good to learn. It won’t be visible until I’m happy with it and until it has been populated with drawings but I wanted to give an update every now and then.

Hope you are well. I am now back at school, teaching on not much sleep, what with all the baby business, but I am a very happy daddy.

Catch you later!

Rob x


9 responses

  1. I am using Wacom Bamboo too. Indeed Cintiq is like the dream prize! Haha…

  2. Looking forward to the new site. Never tried Manga Studio, or drawing tablets. I’m still old school with pencil & pen in my sketchbook. I’ve been using GIMP since I migrated from MS Paint long ago

    1. It works really well for you. You have a great style. I do like a gadget! I’m hoping to learn to improve and draw more as I get my head round the new technology. Charlie don’t surf. Does Tony?

  3. Oh goody, new cartoon in a different context. Can you draw a picture of your baby?

    1. Good idea! I’m hoping to do just that as part of my “Parenting According to TipTop” series. Watch this space!

  4. Oh good, come and do mine while you’re at it, would you? I spent an hour on hold just trying to get the domain transferred over. Perhaps I’ll build a pyramid while I wait for tech support to fix stuff. It would probably be easier.

    Sigh. Needing food makes me blue too. Good thing boyfriend is grilling right now. 🙂

    1. Glad I’m not the only one having trouble! Not easy is it? It’ll be worth it though. I look forward to seeing your new site.

      1. I did get WordPress downloaded tonight, and it doesn’t seem too bad so far. I’ll let you know when it’s up! 🙂

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