Big Creative Update

What’s been going on?

Hello, fine people. You may have noticed the recent lull of Mr Oh blog activity. I’ve been kind of busy as I am lucky enough to have become a dad for the second time very recently. I now have a second daughter, Lana, who is a bundle of joy. As a result, I have had less time to draw. Nappies and wotnot!

However, it has given me space to think about Mr Oh and come up with lots of ideas, so I wanted to update anyone still reading (bless you, you loyal lovelies) as to what’s on the horizon.

What now?

Essentially, through the blog so far, I have been posting all different types of cartoons: self development, off-beat, character-led comics…After reflection, I am now going to endeavour to take it on a new, more focused direction. I’m going to give TipTop a go and create a focused TipTop website via and a new theme. Also, I want to create enough content in advance so that there is a constant trickle, rather than any embarrassing lulls. Essentially, I guess it’s a bit of a relaunch but I see it as a development from what I’ve learnt so far and an attempt to get more loyal readers who may like TipTop specifically.

What’s the site going to be like and when’s it coming?

In the new TipTop site, there’ll be cartoons about parenting, Health & well-being, Uncle Bob, and general quirkyness, all hopefully held together by the characters.
I’m also trying to develop my drawing and colouring with new software and equipment to up the quality as best I can.
Down the line, I also want to incorporate recordings of songs I’ve written with the characters too. It’s all too much excitement for my little head so one step at a time!
I’ve got a fair bit of work ahead of me to make this fly, and with fatherhood and a busy teaching job to manage, I don’t want to kill myself getting thing live. Still, the passion is there, so I will work hard to get things going and hope to have something for viewage before too long!

I’ll keep you posted here on developments if you would like to track my progress and let you know when it’s ready. I am using twitter a fair bit if you would like to say Hi. I’m @MrOhComic

Thanks so much for staying with Mr Oh thusfar and hope your world is good. I hope you’ll keep in my loop and stay tooned,

Mr Oh x


21 responses

  1. Congrats on the birth of your daughter!!! Looking forward to the new adventures of TipTop and the rest of the gang! ^^

    1. Cheers, Rusty. Hope you’re well. I’m looking at Manga Studio 5 as a drawing package currently. Looks fun. Best wishes, Rob

  2. Big congratulations Rob on the birth of your daughter no doubt busy times are already happening + sleepless nights. Always enjoy your comics, especially Tip Top so I will be looking forward to the launch of the new site.

    I initially started with random comics then Barry & Cedric developed as “Ratbags” characters. I also started doing comics with Sam & Wally as blokes sitting at the bar of a pub doing gags. They later became “The Krittles”. In an effort to be more focused in my comics I eventually blended Ratbags & The Krittles into one as The Tasmanians. Good luck with it all.

    1. Hi Tony. Thanks for explaining the origins of The Tasmanians. It’s helpful to hear you went on a similar journey to develop your characters. I enjoy receiving your comic in my personal email account so I guarantee reading it. Loved the recent “family stickers” one and have just shared it on Twitter. Catch you later!

  3. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! I will be checking out your posts on this and the new blog when it gets started. At the moment, i’m not really a regular blogger or blog reader as I too have a tonne on my plate!

    1. Hey, Thanks! Know the feeling. I hope they are good and tasty tonnes. Catch you later.

  4. Hope all’s well with Lana – and looking forward to some Tip Top viewage when it’s ready to go! Ed x

    1. Cheers, Big Man! Love to Ben and Emily x

  5. hey robbie! GREAT news that little Lana has arrived – congratulations all round. and lots of love to you too, lonnie xxxx

    1. Cheers, Lonnie. Lovely to hear from you x

  6. I don’t know how in the hell you find time for all of this. You are a machine! Then again I’m writing this at 3.42am about to crack on with some work πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to the relaunch dude!

    1. Woah! I hope you caught some worms! Big love! Rx

  7. Well, congratulations daddy-Oh. It’s about time to give us an update. I thought you strike the Motherlode and decided to forgo everything. Good to hear from you and happy father hood. Make sure you leave some bread crumbs where we can follow you. okeydokey?

    1. Hey, thanks. Sorry for the delay πŸ˜‰ I like your Hansel and Gretel metaphor! Will surely let you know. I’ll need to decide to either auto direct to the new site or give existing subscribers the option to do so when the time comes. Do you think it would be OK to automate it?

      1. Gee, don’t know anything about automation. All I know is “press” the button. Give us the instructions, and we will follow.

  8. Congratulations on your new addition and your ambitious plans! I suspect I may be doing something similar with my site soon too. Which is a lot of “s” words for one sentence. Sorry. πŸ˜›

    1. I’ve missed your sense of humour! Exciting that you are thinking about the same πŸ™‚

  9. I will be sure to follow just be sure to give subscribe directions

    1. Thanks, Carl. Will do. Hope you and your family are well.

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