iPhonesty: where do you use yours the most?



11 responses

  1. I’ve never talked on my phone in the toilet. I just don’t wanna be talking to someone in the middle of a poo

    1. Me neither. Using a phone as a phone is pretty rare these days!

      1. Sometimes at work I will be in the toilet standing at the urinal having a pee & someone will come in & while they are peeing too they will start talking to me. Maybe I’m just weird but having a conversation mid-pee just seems to be personal space invasive. I really hate it.

  2. What? He uses it on the BUS? That is soooo unsanitary.

    Speaking of which, why is it that whenever I go into a public restroom, there is always a sign saying “Employees Must Wash Hands,” and yet I always end up washing my own, no matter how long I wait?

    I call that false advertising. Next time I’m calling the management on my iPhone right then and there. I am flushed with anticipation just thinking about it. 🙂

    1. In this event, call these guys ASAP. (Advertising Standards Authority for Powder rooms)

    2. An employee never washes my hands for me either.

  3. One is supposed to be reading on the toilet not talking on the phone. This improper use of the toilet has led to a decline in literacy world wide.

  4. This is too funny. I reminded me of one of my collegues who takes bathroom breaks with the phone on hand. TeeHee.

    1. Funny how a basic function can evolve into a means of escapism! Great to hear from you.

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