Blue Monday

TipTop and Josie are on the sofa. "So, we survived Blue Monday then. Josie: "Yeah, bring on Turquoise Tuesday!"


7 responses

  1. Always hated Sunday night to Monday morning no matter how prepared I would be for day’s task. Monday is like an entire week and the rest of the week is mere hours.

    1. So with you on that. I usually stay up late Sunday to eke out my freedom until Monday’s work routine!

  2. I wonder what are the other colors of the week. Hehe…

    1. Might have to consult a colourpedia for that!

  3. Nice shades of blue in this one. Turkey Tuesday does sound yummier

  4. Turquoise isn’t that a French word for Turkey? Turkey Tuesday? No, there’s no on that!

    1. Clever use of alliteration, friend!

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