What doesn’t go around doesn’t go around

One of the NoNos  is applying for a Karmacard over the phone NN- hello. Yes, I'm just calling to apply for a KarmaCard please.   Phone- Certainly, sir. you just need some good deeds in the bank. NN - Er...O.K. I’ll call you back


9 responses

  1. It’s okay, little fella. I feel you.

  2. Maybe he should join the boy scouts & get his good deed badge

    1. He’s certainly got some catching up to do!

  3. Fabulously drawn cartoon! But I must say, I have a very different viewpoint on karma: http://bit.ly/LSccLB

    1. Thanks, Frank. Just read your great post and commented. I think a belief in karma encourages a kinder life than not believing. The conditions and measurability of getting what you deserve are intangible but it promotes sending out good energy to the world at the very least. 🙂

  4. the face of the caller is “karmaless” too funny 😀

    1. Thanks! He’s a NoNo, one of the characters I hope to develop in the comic strip. I really appreciate your comments.

  5. Very wise as the giving is the karma not the getting.

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