The Motherer of all Hangovers (an illustrated poem)…



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  1. Hi Rob,
    wonderful comics – I hope I don’t overload your liking pot 🙂 Im back after some weeks and have to check my favourite blogs directly. Today one of my twins stays at home and we can’t stop laughing… “camel turd”, we have just made a list who will “deserve” it. Greetings from Tuscany, Katharina

    1. Hi Katharina. Lovely to hear from you again. Thanks again for your encouragement. Say a big “Wotcha” to your girls from me. Tuscany is a magical place. Have an epic 2013!

      1. Thank you Rob! Top 2013 also to you & your family and SALUTONE from my girls. The “camel thing” is spreading now in their primary school, the teachers start looking strange at me… it’s really magic here 🙂 We will be back soon!

  2. Hey this is great Mr Oh. I am not sure about the camel turd spiking though. That sounds utterly horrid young man

    1. Cheers, Tony. Maybe the head of the beers should be “goat soap lather” instead 😉

  3. Hi Mr Oh, I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I hope that you don’t mind. Merry Christmas from Germany, Xx Scarlett.

    1. Hi Scarlett. Many thanks. I’ve just emailed you directly about this.

  4. Wow! That’s a different sort of cartoon, Rob! Grown up or what!

    1. Thanks, dad, as ever for your brilliant encouragement 🙂 I’m trying to learn a new graphics package called Illustrator. Currently Addicted to drop shadows!

      1. There are so many things to explore in Illustrator! I am also exploring with different effects!

        1. I thought you might be using Illustrator. Your style is pretty slick. Happy Christmas! Have a Zazzle-tastic 2013.

          1. Thank you Mr Oh! My younger brother and I prefer your style of framing the comics. Mine is too squarish.

            Merry X’mas to you! Really looking forward to your new stuff in 2013!

            1. Cheers, Rusty. Adventures for both of us await. Bring on the Turkey.

  5. Oh please, I’ll need a motherer to get me over the botherer of the hangoverer due to drinkinging to cope with my mother-in-law, er. 🙂
    (it’s not true, she’s lovely – and will happily get sozzled with me round the kitchen table)

    1. I figured we could ALL do with a Motherer this time of year. My in-laws drink me UNDER the table! Loving the festive panda.

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