TipTop Yoga


Yoga is The Juice. Can’t be TipTop without it!

What is the “go to activity” that gets you mentally and physically in the zone?

Next week: how to prepare for parenthood, TipTop style.




17 responses

    People that don’t do yoga will NEVER understand!

  2. Oh, the eyes and energies we go through life with really do determine our worlds, don’t they… nice panels/story!

    1. Flexibility and openness spring to mind. Thanks for that and congrats on being nominated for the pushcart. Great stuff.

  3. yoga followed by meditation- the ultimate stress buster

    1. Ain’t that the truth! Just read about Sudarshan Kriya on your blog. Sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out – thanks.

  4. wussy mumbo jumbo 🙂 Moving by dancing and dynamic yoga – feeling myself at these moments keep up my happiness. And laughing: your cartoons are so great!

    1. Vielen dank! That makes my day. Is there anything you or your kids enjoy in particular? If possible I will try and put something in a cartoon for you guys at some point. Fröhe Weihnachten 🙂

      1. Oooh, that’s really a big surprise – you make my week!! Hm, in particular – it’s a bit … oh yes, at the moment my girls (twins :)) are decorating our house for christmas… we now live already in a certain shiny-gleamy-glitter-lighty-snowy-red-silver …. you understand?? They are a bit exaggerating… but I let them, because I haven’t any chance – they are in two 🙂
        Fröhliche Weihnachten – yeah!

        1. Hi Katharina ( just looked up chiamo from your blog!).
          Many thanks for this. I’m sure your house looks charming! I have designed a Christmas card that was inspired by your comment and will post soon. (It has two girls decorating in it)

  5. I know nothing of yoga but it sure worked a treat for bearded guy. Does he have a name???
    I like yoghurt though, makes me feel good. I actually work at a yoghurt factory so yoghurt kinda helps pay my bills

    1. Hi Tony. Bearded guy is called TipTop! He does what he can to feel tiptop. I’m having fun creating a comic with TipTop and other characters ongoing. I love yogurt too. I have loads every day and it’s my daughter’s fave food. What about a cartoon branded yogurt à la Tony?

  6. Truly said! Yoga is just a wonderful rejuvenator and also a good workout!

    1. Rejuvenating is a good way to describe it. Gotta be into the yoga. I look forward to going “into the ago” on your blog and reading more of your intriguing poems.

  7. Music is my energy – playing it, or just spoiling it by yelling over the top of it!

    1. Ha ha! Oh yes, music is definitely right up there for me to. I regularly spoil it with my howling and playing too. Hours flow by..

  8. the power of mental yoga to turn negative to positive. mmmm…..

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