TipTop Comic: How to get your toddler to wear a coat.

Any of these sound or look familiar? No doubt there are plenty more ideas, but I try all these on my two-year old daughter, Isla, with varying degrees of success. Parents need tons of sneaky strategies in their repertoire!

If you are a parent, which strategy works/worked for you?

If you’re not a parent, can you invent a bonkers way to get the job done?

Next week: Trust, According to TipTop.

(Sorry I’m a day early in publishing this week. Just got excited.)

Have a TipTop rest of the week,



23 responses

  1. This is really funny… I know this situation very well. Only inspiration “children learn more about what you are than what you teach”. Love your comics, they make us smile (my children laughed much, although they do not understand english) Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hiya. Thanks so much for this fantastic feedback, especially that your children enjoyed the cartoons. I’d love to do more stuff for children. Your blog looks bright and cheery!. I’ll have to learn a bit of lingo to enjoy it further. 🙂

      1. Thank you for your “visit” and liking. We look forward to checking out your blog 🙂 Ups, I mixed up a bit with the languages in my blog, writing in italian, immagine aforismi and video mostly in english.. and eham, Iam German:)

        1. Multi-linguist! Impressive. Ich kann Deutsch ein bißchen aber ich have nicht langem (zwanzig jahren?) gesprochen. Ich werde versuchen aber ich verstehe nicht so viel italianish. Ich denke von die blog daß Sie sind eine Lehrerin auf tanzen mit den workshops. Veil spaß! Tchüss!

          1. Absolutely charming your deutsch! And obviously you are a multi-linguist too, you understand my italian 🙂 Have fun with your fabulous creations, we will definitely enjoy them!

  2. Hi – I’m over here from your guest post on Carl’s blog.

    I had a youtube video on my blog some while back on this very subject. It was called How to put yourself inside of a coat. Maybe you can get some extra ideas from that? 😉

    I don’t have kids. So with all the parents’ posts I learn what I’ve been missing! But I kinda remember not liking to put on my coat, myself. Even when I was in my teens – then one time I nearly froze and that sorted that one! (I was pushed into getting a poncho. It didn’t keep me very warm, but I thought I looked cool…)

    1. Hi Val, great to meet you! I owe Carl a beer for the intro. Looking forward to having a look at your blog and thanks for popping in. Rob

    2. Hey, and thanks for the YouTube link, I’ll check it out when I get back from work.

  3. This is a great question. I think it was right about the time that my boys turned two that I decided that I cannot dress my kids but I can dress myself. So, now I just buy nice warm clothes for me. I’m much happier and they never cared anyway. 😉

    1. Enlightening! This strategy could save a whole load of stress and hassle…

  4. You could give the same ten tips as answers to the question “How to you get a politician to answer a question?”

    1. Nice. They do circumnavigate rather. Thanks, dad.

  5. How about sewing the coat on them. Might get a little warn in the house, though.

  6. Ha Ha!!! Great comic Rob. I like the expression on the Dad in the Waiting & #2 Reasoning really cracked me up. Adding you to my RSS Reader

    1. Hi Tony, thanks for all these really encouraging comments. I’m inspired by your drawings, sir, and have just started following. Looking forward to being a part of the growing cartoon community.

  7. I think you forgot “sedating.” Or is that illegal now? I don’t keep up. Good thing I don’t have kids, right? 😛

    1. Tranquilisers are so passé. Mostly used with elephants these days. There again, fashion is cyclic, so who knows, maybe it might just come back in…;)

  8. This is great – I remember the coat – WHY WHY WHY do kids hate coats? – We often went with ‘Wrestle’ – until we stopped at ‘reasoning’ – you wanna be cold, be cold!

    1. Hiya. I almost put “wrestling” in actually! We have the odd bout but she hasn’t quite got the “no hair pulling” rule. Thanks for that.

  9. Empowerment. Actually it was the illusion of empowerment. But adults are often dismissive and allowing children choice breeds self respect and respect for others is often a by-product. You are up and running my blog now.

    1. Hi Carl. You’re bang on with this. Illusion of empowerment is a handy trick. Thanks for notifying me about the guest post. It’s an honour to be involved.

    2. Thanks for directing me to this Blog Carl. Love it!!!

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