If it’s all too much…

Life can get a little crowded, can’t it?

Sometimes a few of our activities could do with ending up on the editing floor. The result? We end up doing a little less but do it a whole lot better. We free ourselves up to rediscover what we really enjoy doing. We find focus.  And focus is fab.

So…I say cut, cut, cut. Edit your life, filter your joys, and feel the change.


9 responses

  1. This made me smile oh-so-much. I love your drawings, and your writing. And this post is especially true.

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for this kind response. Just checking out your site, great stuff.

  2. You remind me of Matt Groening when he still did work on Life is Hell, especially this strip for it’s blunt joke and startling wit! Great job!

    1. Wow, thanks. Just being in the same sentence as Matt Groening is quite a compliment. I will check out Life is Hell, thanks for the recommendation. I’m already a massive fan of the Simpsons. I’m glad to have come across your wicked blog which I’ve just started following. Comics United.

      1. Yup, Matt is amazing. He started his work with his strip Life is Hell which appeared in various independent papers across the nation. He retired his strip only a couple months ago and his collections are pretty easy to get a hold of! Even in some of the Simpson’s episodes you can see that stuffed animal bunny with one ear on top of its head? Thats from Life is Hell! Enjoy!

        1. Cheers. Just bought “work is hell”, can’t wait to read it.

          1. That one is great! I also love “chilhood is hell”!

  3. Goes with this week’s assigment from yoga therapy: Get on the mat and do child’s pose every day. Can do more if I want, but I have to give myself permission to stop there. No more judgements, no more guilt.

    1. Absolutely. Pushing it can be detrimental. I pulled a muscle in yoga a few weeks ago in this way. Won’t be doing that again! Sending you wishes for a good yogic week.

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