More mistakes please

When we try to achieve things and it goes wrong in some way, there seem always two ways in which we can choose to react: negatively or positively. In the heat of the moment, there may be disappointment. This is only natural and there’s no point in ignoring a feeling; you can’t argue with a feeling. However, mistakes or perceived failures can be awesome if you let them. And if you are persistent in trying again. And again. Until the mistakes yield and the learning sinks in.

Inventors love mistakes

Did you know why WD-40 is called WD-40? It stands for Water Displacement 40th Attempt – the inventor perfected the Formula after 40 attempts: sheer persistence and an attitude of embracing and learning from mistakes.

Entrepeneurs get rich on mistakes

I don’t know loads of rich entrepeneurs but I do know from what I’ve read and digested that lots of driven business owners go through all kinds of mayhem in previously owned companies when things have gone wrong, mistakes have been made, and much has been learnt as a consequence and applied to good effect in the next company. Embrace mistakes with a positive attitude and boom! You could get rich – not just financially but as a person as a whole.

Children either fear mistakes or are fearless of them

I teach 9 to 13 year-olds and I try to encourage them to experiment and attempt tasks without the fear of failure. Some go for it, with not a care in the world, and accept constructive feedback. Some are hesitant or perfectionist, worrying about making mistakes. Some are super bright and seem never to make mistakes, but almost need to make a few to be healthy or avoid delayed disappointment. But for all of them, mistakes help the learning process. For some people, mistakes are the only way to learn.


What do you reckon?

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