How it can hurt to feel less pain

Often in life it seems you can choose to experience a degree of pain to avoid what might otherwise be even more pain. A painful decision – divorce, for example, which is hell to go through, but in the long term can avoid sustained pain and lead to positive opportunities. Physical exercise – a painful discipline at times that puts your body through the mill, but promotes health and well being in the mix. For some, just moving the body in a simple way is a challenge in itself. People with chronic pain condition can experience this on a daily basis, but also for them, moving the body, although painful, is a good thing. For me, Yoga is one discipline I try to turn to regularly, which can be physically hard on the body and a real challenge but I know is good for me. This drawing is for Chiquitar from



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  1. Too many people don’t understand how important moving is for the body. Thanks for pointing that out in such a gentle way. Keep up the good work and this needs to be posted in a LOT of doctors offices, yes?

    1. Hiya, thanks for your positive feedback. I love the idea of Doctors promoting yoga! Have a great weekend.

  2. I love this picture and I love to see how people are using yoga for chronic pain. I’m at the point of trying to get pain managed enough to exercise and do physio therapy. I’m doing well, but it’s painful, tiring AND painfully slow. Today is a bad pain day and I’m feeling so frustrated (and a little angry) right now I would LOVE to do kickboxing, instead I’ll do physio and tomorrow I will 100% make it to the pool!! :-/

    Thank you for your post, you have inspired me not to give up on my yoga practice. It’s too important.

    1. Namaste Julia, thanks so much for your positive response. Keep on moving and awesome to hear you’re going to keep up the yoga. 🙂

  3. […] How it can hurt to feel less pain. […]

  4. YAY Thank you! This is awesome and Yoga is very important to me too. I’m going to class tonight!

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