What happened after “booze”

I asked for a prompt on Facebook the other day – a theme, a word, anything to help kickstart an idea for a cartoon. The word that was given to me was “booze” and this drawing was the result…I was really grateful to have that inspiration as it set me on a creative path I would not have otherwise gone down. I find illustrating a real challenge but this way I get to feel I have an open enough brief to have creative options whilst still creating something specific for someone else. What word would you like to give me that would interest you? I wonder if my interpretation of that word would match anything you had in mind?! Who knows. Why not find out; let me know by leaving a comment?


3 responses

  1. What a great idea to take a word and use that as a basis for a drawing… I think your “Beer Googles” drawing from “booze” is fantastic!

    In response to your request for a word… I “googled” things like “most difficult thing to draw” etc LOL 😉 Hey, I wanted to give you a good challenge…. But maybe i’m not googling effectively because it didn’t generate any satisfactory results… I was hoping for an abstract concept of some kind because that would be hard… But then I thought, why not give you the word “abstract” to draw! So there you go, draw ABSTRACT

    1. Hey, thanks so much for your encouragement and challenge! Mmmm, ABSTRACT, interesting. Might have to off-piste on that one. I’m on it.

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