Be Healthy

How intriguing that this swum to the surface before any other. It’s not that I know Mr Oh would be healthy above anything else but I guess it is because I reckon that we need to be as healthy as possible – in body or mind – before we can feel good about ourselves, get the best from life and and crucially – help others.

Keeping healthy physically or working on maintaining a healthy a state of mind each day improves everything it seems, so it must be pretty important. Each day I practise Yoga for example, the day just seems to go a zillion times better, and the days I shut myself indoors and forget the benefits of fresh air, I catch a dose of cabin fever and go a bit crazy.

When I feel healthy, I give my own inner problems less attention and focus outwardly, notice more and seem more open to helping and giving to others. I came across a metaphor once which got this across for me. It’s used by  a parenting course called The Nurturing Programme by Family Links: Imagine you are a jug of water. Whenever you give to others, you pour out some of your water. You keep giving and eventually you are empty and can give no more – unless you keep topping yourself up that is. Nurturing yourself to stay healthy – topping up – gives you what you need to keep giving.

If we cannot help and give to others because we are not healthy enough to do so, that’s a crying shame.


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  1. Hi, I’ve just come across your blog and love your focus on nurturing yourself and helping others. I think your first cartoon is fab and can’t wait to see the rest!

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